Since I've got nothing much to blog,so a random thoughts it is!

If you're an avid user of Instagram or whatever social apps. You'll probably stumble upon many pictures,pretty ones,normal ones,bad ones.. Nudes? Any type of pictures right? Even the gag ones!
So you and I can conclude that pictures do play an important role in our life,not just to keep memories but also to inform others what we're up to and well,of course advertising.

I've been scrolling Instagram feed for almost 20 mins and guess what? Almost all users applied filters to their photos. Now,don't get me wrong. I'm not going to talk shit about filters *cos apparently,I used them in some of my photos too* Just gonna share my thoughts on filters. Okay? Okay.

[ Filtered with HB 1 by Vsco ]

Filters are invented or created to enhance the beauty of a photo. Well,it works some sort like a make up. Most of the comments I saw in some pictures I've seen on Instagram be like..

 "Too much filter " "You're so fake,you obviously applied filter" " This is not photography,it's filtered"

Whatt??? Why have to be so mean to them? I mean duh-ya. They applied filters on their photo,but that does not give you the right to bash 'em. 

So sad that how shallow-minded can humans be. I actually don't see the issue of using filter you know. It's just there to enhance the beauty of the photo. Yeah sure,the saying says that " pictures can be deceiving " Well actually,it's up to one's own opinion to feel deceived or wtv. I mean,it's gonna be so obvious that a girl applied 10x filter ( but too much filter is NOT okay ). You on the other hand shouldn't be too blind to jump into conclusions like "she's a natural beauty,Imma get her to be my girlfriend" Eh like what la that kind of mindset. It's common sense for our generations okay. *just saying* 

Honestly,I don't care much if a person applied filter on their photos, (not too much like photoshop one la)  not just because I also do,but because there's nothing wrong in that if it makes them feel beautiful or good looking. The thing about online world,the internet world is that you gotta remember,to never ever simply trust 100% what you see and read. Really tho,talkin' some real shit here my friend.

Gosh,reading back I sounded mad about the issue of using filters. Don't get me wrong,I'm not.
It's just that so many people have been bashed just because they used filters and that's not okay. If it's a bad thing then people won't create filters aite.

Guess that's all for now,so filters? Yay or nay - shouldn't be an issue.