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Hey there!

Before writing stuffs on things I'm going to share,I'd like to wish yguys  a Blessed New Year! :D
It's already the year of 2015,so I'm sure you are sooo determined to own this year - even if you don't,you will after this :P

My 18 years of living gave me so much experience dealing with expectations, people, emotions and stuffs like that. So here's some stuffs you might wanna look on to start off a new year with a real new badass attitude - the good way ofcourse! Shall we? We shall..

As you can see the title of today's blog post is Definition. Generally,we all know that the society nowadays tend to define others rather than the individual herself/himself defines herself/himself. But you,my friend,can change that. How?

Define Yourself

Be the one who defines you. Life is so fair that no matter how nice you are,haters always exist. They will label you with negative words like bitch,sluts,ugly and all those mean things that will always make you doubt yourself,thus resulting to infinity insecurities. Trust me,I know how it feels,been there. I'm not gonna advice you to be mean to them or throw 'em eggs,no worries. But all I gotta say if that ever gonna happen to you is to be nice to them. It's some sort of a psychology war strategy that does not include you to potray the same-stupid attitude as them yknow. Be nice to them,show them kindness and show them love. Show them the positive side of you. It'll make them feel so guilty that they'll suicide - jk they won't. But it'll make them feel guilty for being mean and rude to you and the best thing is. They might end up being your friend. And you know what they said about enemies being friends after a fight,those people are usually the ones who will ride with you through  the troubles and happiness. :)


Having faith in who you are is important as well. Having faith in yourself is like having the power to change the world. Faith,can move a mountain. It's a metaphor that I'm not sure it exist or nah but yeap it's very logical and it surely does make sense. Having faith in yourself boost confidence in stuffs you wanna do,and it gives you the authority to really set what kind of person you are. For example,I've never thought that I'll be blogging my thoughts on the internet because I was too afraid of criticism I'll receive. But faith gave me strength and made me firm in what I wanted to do,which results to you reading my writing now. See how faith can change the whole thing? In this case,having faith in yourself makes you a true-er you. A true-er you that you are happily living as. Often we hear or read that ; one's must be true to oneself. Isn't that one of the most realistic things that have ever been said? It's true,satisfy your own needs and do not think too much of judgements you'll receive because in the end,it's you yourself that matters.

I have no exact words to make you feel better if you're not right now. But here's some things I know.

You're a person that means you're worthy to receive kindness and you have the rights to love yourself. You are an amazing person but not everyone can see that. However what matter most is what you think about yourself. I believe that no words can bring a person down,unless you let 'em. And that's the secret to survive in this world full of judgements and expectations. You,be the boss of your own thinking,and you define your identity. And if others can't see how amazing you are,well. Screw them,sure their opinions bother,but so what? Shake it off,embrace your flaws and live to the fullest *so cliche btw* You are much more than just words that are said without intelligence,you are more than just a fucked up mess,you are a person who chooses to be yourself and not fake and that is so much more than just a stand,that's bold. And I tell you,I'm so fucking proud of you for being yourself and for living your own definition. Wear those scars you have,with pride cos you're strong as fuck,and you deserve a happy life. Where ever you are,keep in mind,I love you and so does someone else.

p/s : I'm sorry if these words isn't much compared to others,but I hope you do appreciate your own existence.

Thanks for reading!  


  1. Bless you too, DM


  2. Your blog is so pretty and ur posts are very worth the read too. I hope this will take u far na, much love cuzzie ❤

    1. Thank you sooo much for reading my blog,means a lot cuz ❤

  3. keep up your good work

  4. Hey you..thanks 4 the wonderfull writing. Really enjoyed it.

    Impresed? Yes..definitny...
    keep up the good work. God loves you for who you are..thanks 4 inspiring me to write again

    Let's play basketball somtime kiddo :D