b u s

I remember that night. 

Some days i ride the bus to nowhere — just to sit as i listen to the rainfall, music, think and write. 

The road wasn’t that smooth and i could hear the little creaking, clanking sounds of the steel clumsily hitting each other every time the bus goes over the bumpy sides of the road. As time goes by i noticed we’re all a little bit similar to a bus after all. We’re all a little broken after awhile. 

After the bumps and hills we went through, the hot and rainy days. Our body will be no longer be the same and our paints will fade. But after all that, we go on living, we keep on moving. Because of a purpose we all have deep inside. Just like how a bus needs a destination to go to. And every one of you are my passengers because you stepped into my life. Some left, some stayed but no matter how high or low i go, i will forever have the memories of us together in me. 

And i’m moving forward even when life bends me to my limit to the point that i might break, because i have a purpose in life — and if you don’t have any, don’t worry. We’re all a little lost after all, you’ll find your purpose someday. And when that day comes, be ready to go through a hell of journey 


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