Dreams & Passion

It's sounds like there's a war going on outside cos it's Chinese New Year,yk firecrackers and fireworks,those merry colourful stuffs. Therefore,before pouring out my heart and thoughts I'd like to wish y'all a Happy Chinese New Year! :D

Alright so here we go. Just few moments ago,as I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds *yes I still do use Facebook* I found a status that belongs to my junior questioning about his ambition and what does it takes to achieve those dreams. And so,me being the typical me writes off a very very long comment hoping that he will understand what I meant by those words.

Which brings me to this sharing/topic. Dreams,and passion. 
What does dreams and passion means to you? When it comes to dreams and passion most people will automatically imagine something artsy,something rebelling. But I tell you it's not just that,it's more than that.

Other than dreaming to be a journalist and a photographer,I've been dreaming to travel the world as well as contributing to the unfortunate by joining charity events. I also dreamt that someday I'll be a successful geologist! I know,it's a very weird combination but that is what dreams are all about. It's not about what is right and what is wrong,actually there's no right and wrong in this matter. It's what you wanted to do and achieve in your life. It's what your heart wants,I could say.

Now, many of the young generations nowadays,including you and I,are having difficulties in deciding our future. I am pretty sure that as I do,all teens do think about this and gave this some thoughts - in fact almost the whole time.. Most asked questions will be :

#1 What I want?
#2 Is it gonna provide me cash?
#3 Is it worth it?
#4 What will people say about it?

and the most feared question / statement of all..


Been there. Been stuck in that situation countless times,been questioning myself countless times,and guess what. You won't know unless you decide to give it a try,take the risk and make it worth the sacrifice. Words,it all sounds cliche,about taking the risk and making it worth it. But yk,there's so much trueness in that sentence ,you can't deny it. Fear of failure will keep you away from that goal rather than it keeps you close and disciplined. It's a proven fact that we tend to focus more on negative things than the positives. We're humans after all. Vulnerable in our own way,we doubt more than we believe just as we hate ourselves more than we love.

It's true,isn't it? How fragile are our thoughts and dreams. That often the thought of failure strikes and lesser faith it builds. It's okay. I too,doubt myself and my ability in reaching and achieving my dreams. It's okay to think that you might not make it,BUT DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU!

Not only thoughts but facts as well. Fuck the fact that you're not rich. Then work for the money you need. Fuck the fact that people said you can't write and your writing sucks. Then improve more,practice more,read more. Fuck the fact that haters keeps on bashing you and criticize your fashion style. Then do better,annoy them with your fabulous fashion sense and success. Fuck the fact that people say your voice sucks. Then take vocal classes and learn tips from others. Fuck the fact that people around you said you're an attention seeker who's only famous online for Vine-ng or YouTube-ing but a looser in real life. Then shove a middle finger to their face cos at least you're doing what you love while they're just hating for no absolute benefits at all.
Seriously. Be confidence and be proud of what you're doing cos you're finally doing something you love! You're finally fighting for something you always wanted. And that means so much more than those haters who bashes and throw hates as if it's gonna bring them gold or happiness. 
Still not convinced enough that your dreams and passion is worth the risk and possibilities? Then take the advice from Lupita Nyong'o.

Lupita Nyong'o  won the best supporting actress Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards for her role in 12 Years a Slave. She went through hardships just to get to where she is now and if you doubt this is even true or nah,well. Feel free to Google it. :)

See what taking-the-risk can do to your future? Your passion? Your dreams? 

There's so much more to experience,not just about reaching or getting what you want. It's also the lessons that you've learnt throughout the hardships that matters. How about to whom who have taken that huge step and decided to pursue their dreams? Days,months and years but you feel like you're nowhere there yet? Tired of rejection after rejection,resulting to major failure and depression? DON'T GIVE UP.

Learn a valuable lesson from the picture above. There's no right time,and will ever be the time to give up on your dreams! Keep on digging through that thick challenge,keep on moving forward to that destination,keep on going!

Let me share one of my personal experience as a beginner in blogging. I've started blogging on December 23rd 2014 and it's has almost been 2 months that I've blog until today. 3 days ago,I feel very discouraged as I've been receiving countless hates on ask.fm telling me how much my blog sucks,saying that I'm an attention seeker,nothing more than a bitch who only wants fame and I should STOP blogging.


That's the exact word that comes to my mind after receiving a lot of hates for doing something that I love. All I know was,I started blogging because I love writing as well as photography and I'm keen to share my interest using Blogspot as a platform. See what society can do to you? They can criticize your passion. Not saying that they shouldn't,oh my. They have every rights to post any comments or feedback for my actions,I actually appreciate that people even care to make some time to think about me. It's a privilege to have such attention yk. 

But I can't handle hates well. I'm not someone who can simply ignore such negativity. Especially when deep inside,I doubt my ability,my skill as well as my decision. I doubt myself. Quickly,mindset becomes shallow,passion becomes weak and all I ever wanted was to shut those words outta my mind. Hates after hates,decision were made. 

I decided to stop blogging for once and for all.

After all,not much people love what I write. Not all of my friends supports what I do. I'm not even good at writing. I suck at this. So I'm like,okay then. Tomorrow *which is yesterday* will be the day that I'll end and delete this blog.

However, that morning, that morning that I was supposed to delete this blog,an email came. And guess what. Wow. Just wow. I got offered by a fashion brand to collaborate. Imagine that. Never in the wildest dream,I'd ever thought that any company or brand will be interested collaborating with me. That feeling,just wow. So overwhelmed and yes you can imagine me doing those stupid dance moves. It's just...Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! Excited! 

Okay,back to Dreams and Passion. Related to my personal experience above,you can see that passion is worth pursuing for,and dreams are worth the risk. I've just taken the first step to chase what I wanted to be,a journalist. Tho I'm nowhere there,I'll let time decide,while I'm just gonna enjoy the journey and keep doing what I love most! Ignore the fact that pursuing will be a hell of a ride but instead take it as a hell of a fun ride.

[ I guess I'm gonna end this post for now,cos I need to sleep and it's 3 in the morning. My sleeping pattern really suck. Big time. Gotta settle that later on. ]

So,how about you? Dreams and Passion? Yes? Remember,don't ever let fear decide your future. Fear is a barrier between you and your dreams. Make a leap of faith, and stay firm through the hardships. You'll be surprised where you'll ended up standing. Be positive,keep going.

p/s : please forgive my grammatical sins.


  1. Nice words, keep doing what you love. Those haters are people that gives u strength to prove that theyre wrong :)

  2. Wow! Tumb up yo..

  3. Damn ! i mean looks at you now .. you're more better than before XD Keep it up Diana !