Hi there! I'm Diana Maridie,nineteen and currently living in Borneo. I'm four feet tall,weighs fifty - six kilogram and I've got a pretty dark / tanned skin. I've always love writing,reading and sharing ridiculous stuff online. My first blog post was really crappy - it's about how'd I spend my holiday including one week routine,well. I was fourteen at that time. Few months after,I stopped blogging due to study needs then continued with another blog account on December twenty - third two thousand fourteen which is now transferred to this newly designed blog. Apart from being boring but talkative at the same time,I play sports - netball,basketball,hockey and paintball. Yet there's so many things I wanted to try. From skateboarding to rock climbing and traveling,of course that includes eating various delicacies! Just thinking about it makes me all hype! Anyway, I'll be blogging alot of ridiculously awesome stuff and related rants here..So,be updated! And interact with me in the comments section - I'd love to hear from yguys. Other than that,well. I'll let you judge by reading my content! :) 
Have a nice day ahead,and God bless.


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