Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello qties! It's a good day to post something and write. Am i right? Lol. I'm collaborating with Born Pretty Store for today's post. Without further ado,let's get to it! 
So the pretty lil thangs I've gotten from their store was  the Stylish Cross Hollow Out Stripe Ring Posh Open Ring and the Glam Necklace Simple Gold Thick Chain Design. It was a tough decision choosing the items from their store since everything looks sooo cute and beautiful. *I'm a sucker for nice things yk*  
The Stylish Cross Hollow Out Stripe Ring Posh Open Ring  comes in a set of three rings with the price of only $4.18. I know,i know. It's ridiculously cheap. But still. Cheap things doesn't mean it's ugly. This one I got is really beautiful. The picture shows a bronze colour which my camera is technically lying since it's actually in gold colour. So.. yup. And oh,I like it that it comes in a set,so I don't have to bother matching it with other jewelry. Perks of being super lazy everyone. :P 
The another item I got from Born Pretty Store is this Glam Necklace Simple Gold Thick Chain Design with the price of $2.99. I was actually worried about choosing this item as I thought the size is too small / thin since it looks like it is. But then,when the parcel arrived I was surprised that it's not. The necklace fits me well - I mean my neck of course. I would suggest wearing this to dinner occasions since it adds up an elegant look to your outfit. I'm sure.
Since it's a review,so I should be honest with you peeps about this items and the store in whole. Here's what I think..
I love that the items they have are really really cheap. Somehow beautiful and fashionable too! There are so many choices. That's a win. But,what I don't quite like is the delivery service. That depends on your location tho,since I'm from Malaysia it took 4 - 5 weeks to arrive. And that's really really slow. So I suggest an early order if you're thinking about purchasing the items from them. Apart from that,I like it that their customer service are excellent. So,any enquiries will be responded in 24 hours. *winks*

And here's some photos of me goofing around with my newwwww Stylish Cross Hollow Out Stripe Ring Posh Open Ring and my newwwww Glam Necklace Simple Gold Thick Chain Design . Enjoy! :)

Good news to all my readers! You can get discounts upon purchasing jewelry and accesorries from the Born Pretty Store. :D How? Easy - peasy! Just key in the coupon code  ( DMET10 ) when purchasing the items and get 10% off the price. It's already cheap and it's cheaper after,win - win y'all. 

So whaddayu waiting for? Click Born Pretty Store  and start shopping your new jewelry essentials!



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