Single Stuffs


It'll be February 14th in just a few hours and aha,I know you've been thinking bout the same thing too. Valentine's Day with the big - gigantic V word. And you'd probably think of ways to spend your Valentine *cough* - this is for the singles out there 

I know,I know. I've been thinking the same thing too. Like " I don't need to celebrate Valentine's Day lah,I'm single anyway." WRONG. Don't make yourself feel so pathetic lah,you're single and free anyway. Enjoy life lor! *I'm all hyped for this,sorry*

Anyways,I've compiled and gather some interesting stuffs to do on Valentine's Day, for you singles out there *including me* :


Bungee jumping anyone? I mean,why not? Scream all those feelings out from yo lungs!


Gather with a bunch of friends,hop into a car and drive out from the town. Perhaps somewhere to the countryside? You'll be surprised with experiences and moments you've gain through that road-trip. :)


Don't give me that look. Hiking can be fun yk! Not only you get to exercise but also,clear your mind. Get a day off from that busy bustling city and spend more time in the green zone. Who knows you'll meet *ehem* the one while hiking! [ sorry,hopelessly romanticizing ]


You probably love this the best,don't you? Hahahaha I admit,this actually stands as the top of things to do during Valentine's Day. Duh,it's Valentine's Day,and yes of course. Fashion brands are on the go with SALES and DISCOUNTS. Why not right? Pamper yourself after the hard work,or after keeping that cash for soooo long,it is now time to use it "wisely" Plus,it's a seasonal festive,chances don't come often,who knows how lucky you'd get buying these branded stuffs lesser than 1/2 price!


What could be better than spending time at a nice,warm and comfy coffee shop while reading a book? Forget about Valentine being with partners,love yourself and take time to relax your mind while sipping these coffees with heart - warming aroma *I can already feel the aura of calmness*

And that's a wrap for today's post! As for tomorrow,I'd like to sincerely wish all readers a Happy Valentine's Day,may your day be filled with joy and awesomeness!
Thank you for reading.